The best suitcase for every budget: My favorite hard-sided carry-ons

The best suitcase for every budget: My favorite hard-sided carry-ons

Even for the infrequent traveler, your carry-on suitcase is important. You have to drag it through the airport, pack all of your belongings in it, and it needs to hold up for a long period of time. Investing in the best suitcase for your budget is a good step for every traveler to take.

First things first, you’ll notice that these are all hard-sided suitcases. I prefer hard-sided luggage primarily because they are better at protecting your belongings. Because of the harder exterior shell, these suitcases are going to better protect your belongings from getting hit and from other things like the rain. I also happen to think they look much nicer due to their sleek designs.

In all of my travels, I’ve been through quite a few suitcases, both hard-sided and soft-sided, and these are my favorites for every budget!

Best suitcase under $100: Delsey

Delsey’s Helium Aero Carryon Spinner Trolley is a great budget carryon suitcase for just under $100. The double-wheels and lightweight design make it very easy to roll around. I would recommend this for the infrequent traveler who needs something reliable and easy to carry around.

Check it out on Amazon here: Delsey Luggage Helium Aero Carry-On Spinner Trolley, Blue, One Size

Best mid-range suitcase ($100 – $300): Away

Away is brand new to the luggage scene and they bring some very cool new features. Skip their base model and go for The Bigger Carry-on which has a built-in battery to charge all of your devices on-the-go. It’s also scratch resistant, comes with a laundry bag, rolls smoothly, and is very lightweight. For this price, and all of it’s features, I absolutely love the Away suitcase. It comes in a variety of great colors too – I have it in green!

You can get The Bigger Carry-On directly from Away’s website.

Best Luxury Suitcase ($300+): Tumi

Tumi has a bunch of different product lines, but my favorite is the new 19 Degree Polycarbonate collection. Although the lower-end options are good quality, the difference with Tumi is significant. My Tumi suitcase has held up on hundreds of flights and bears no signs of wear-and-tear. It rolls so smoothly and is very lightweight. Tumi has excellent customer service as well and will refinish the exterior if it gets too many scratches over time. I also love the custom (and free) monogramming they offer. I prefer this design over the others as well — the copper is my favorite!

You can get the Continental Carry-On┬ádirectly on Tumi’s website.

What is your favorite carry-on?

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