Cancun, Mexico: A wedding weekend with the family

Cancun, Mexico: A wedding weekend with the family

Jimmy’s first international trip – to Cancun, Mexico!

Jeff and I had a wedding to go to in Cancun and I had just done a couple of international trips for work so I wasn’t eager to leave the little guy behind again. If you decide to take kids out of the country, be sure you plan in advance and get them passports. While kids under 18 don’t need ID for domestic flights, they do need passports for international travel. Plus, you get to select “Baby” for their occupation, or Batman, whichever you prefer.

Although Jimmy was about nine months old and didn’t technically need his own seat yet, we got him one anyway since it was a longer flight. We’ve tried both options in the past and I have a big preference for getting him his own seat. It’s safer, allows you to multitask, and makes it easier for everyone to get some rest. However, sometimes tickets can get pricy and it’s not worth the splurge.

Once we arrived in Cancun, we asked the pilots if Jimmy could take a look up front to document the experience. Typically, the flight crew is pretty receptive to kids so it’s worth asking since you can get some great photos.


Stay somewhere you want to spend time:

For city trips or other vacations where you’re spending a lot of time outside of the hotel (e.g., Disneyworld), where you stay matters less. But for a beach vacation, you probably want to spend a lot of time at the beach and the pool. In Cancun, there are tons of options that can offer that. We stayed at The Westin Lagunamar Ocean Resort Villas & Spa. It had everything we needed: beach access, kid-friendly pools, onsite restaurants, and a convenience store across the street.


Don’t overschedule – make sure you have plenty of time to relax:

We had a few days before the wedding so we set out to do what we came for: relax. Jimmy shoveled sand on the beach, he dipped his toes in the ocean, and he took his afternoon nap while we held him in the pool. It was great to see him experience so many new things and we didn’t even have to leave the timezone. It’s also important to ensure you have plenty of “free time” in case there are hiccups. For example, babies and toddlers aren’t always interested in the activities you have planned and might need more time for rest.

Jimmy’s first international trip was a success. Jeff and I made sure to be explicit about trading off who was “in charge” of Jimmy. This ensured that each of us got some quality time to recharge and unwind during the trip. Everyone was able to relax and we all had some great family time and made excellent new memories.


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