New York, NY: Christmas in New York City

New York, NY: Christmas in New York City

It’s Christmas in New York! For the holidays this year, we took Jimmy to the Big Apple! When Jimmy was born, we decided that Christmas wasn’t something we would celebrate, at least, in the traditional sense. We usually opt for a family trip instead of piling gifts under the tree.

This year, we spent Christmas in New York City. My husband and I have both been to NYC quite a few times (sometimes together, but mostly separately). However, we’ve never done much of the touristy stuff. So, in the spirit of family vacation, we decided to partake in a couple of the bigger tourist attractions. And also plenty of time to lazily enjoy the hotel. Here’s how we spent our time:

First things first – it’s Christmas in New York, so bundle up

We live in California, so Jimmy doesn’t have a ton of winter clothes. I didn’t want to buy much for this trip though. Instead, I grabbed a decent supply of winter clothes that were all one size too big. He’ll be comfortable either way, and things will be a bit baggy this time around, but he can reuse everything . Winter clothes are also easy to re-wear without washing them so I was still able to pack reasonably light.


Touring Central Park

We took a pedicab to tour the park since it was cold out and we had a toddler with us. Walking Central Park is wonderful if you’re up for it though. I would not recommend is the horse-drawn carriage due to horse poop and poor treatment of the horses. With the pedicab, we had about five stops where we could get off, wander around, and take some pictures. Jimmy had a great time. He was able to see a ton of new scenery and stretch his legs out every 15 minutes or so.


Take a stroll through the city

New York City is huge so it would take weeks to walk the whole thing. Since we didn’t have any must-sees, we just headed south and managed to see a ton without even trying. We walked until we didn’t want to be out anymore and then grabbed a cab back to the hotel. We have a Mountain Buggy Nano Stroller for traveling so it folds up very small and easily pops in the back of a trunk so hopping in a cab is quick and easy.

Nap, eat, nap again at the hotel

Like I said before, this trip was really about finding a good balance between enjoying Christmas in New York but also having downtime as a family. So, it was important to stay somewhere we would really love. We splurged on this trip and stayed at the St. Regis New York (thanks to all the SPG points we’ve racked up).

St. Regises are amazing hotels so I knew I’d want to spend a good chunk of time in my hotel room. There was even a special present waiting for Jimmy at check-in! Each morning we had to choose between eating breakfast in bed and having breakfast in what appears to be the inside of a palace — a tough decision. The landmark King Cole Bar is also in the hotel, which is fantastic if you’ve got a sitter (we did not). If you don’t, they’ll still deliver their famous Red Snappers (more commonly known as a Bloody Mary) up to the room.

Depending on your budget, NYC has plenty of hotel options to choose from. Be sure to research which neighborhood you’d like to be in (don’t forget Brooklyn!) and then go from there.

And have a lovely Christmas in New York!


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