My Favorite Books: November 2017

My Favorite Books: November 2017

Travel and reading go together like salt and pepper. With tons of down time during travel (flying, driving, riding the train, etc.), it’s a shame to let that time go unused. And one thing that’s tough for me is finding new books to read whenever I travel. So, I’m going to start sharing some of my favorite books every few months — here are my favorite reads from this fall:

The Woman in Cabin Ten (2016)

Synopsis: After a young journalist, Lo, embarks on a luxury cruise for the job-of-a-lifetime, she witnesses, what she believes to be murder. But with a memory clouded by a heavy night of drinking, the crew doesn’t believe her. And making things worse, a lack of evidence makes her appear paranoid and dramatic.

My thoughts: This is a classic murder mystery with a great twist at the end. You’ll be on yours toes and rooting for Lo the whole time. I loved reading this one!

Buy: The Woman in Cabin 10


Before the Fall (2016)

Synopsis: After a plane full of wealthy, influential, New York families crashes in the Atlantic Ocean, the media becomes obsessed with finding out what happened and why it happened. And then, adding fuel to the metaphorical media fire, a struggling painter and a four-year-old boy miraculously survive the crash. Why was the painter on board the flight? And was it really a miracle that he survived?

My thoughts: This wasn’t as suspenseful as I’d expected it to be, but I enjoyed it for different reasons. Before the Fall was though-provoking and provided excellent commentary on the problem with today’s media, in the context of a mystery novel.

Buy: Before the Fall


Lock In (2014)

Synopsis: A virus passes through the globe leaving some with a simple flu, others dead, and an unlucky few with “Lock In”. The locked in are fully aware of their surroundings, but unable to move or respond. Those with Lock In are given robotic bodies to live somewhat normal lives and the world begins to adapt to the new reality. After a murder takes places, two FBI agents begin to unravel a mystery that goes deeper than anyone could have imagined.

My thoughts: This is such an inventive storyline, it stretches your imagination just by reading it. As technology changes our world, it’s fascinating to think about possible variations of our real-world future.

Buy: Lock In: A Novel of the Near Future


The Life We Bury (2014)

Synopsis: College student, Joe Talbert, interviews a convicted murderer at a nearby nursing home for a school project. As the two begin to form a friendship, Joe suspects that his subject, Carl is lying about something. He believes Carl may be innocent. But, Joe cannot imagine why anyone would falsely accuse themselves of murder and sets out to discover the truth.

My thoughtsThe Life We Bury is about uncovering a mystery, but it’s also about an unexpected relationship that truly changes how you view the world and makes you rethink the way you see people.

Buy: The Life We Bury


The Glass Castle (2005)

Synopsis: Jeannette Walls grew up in a stunningly unusual family. With parents who rejected consumerism, technology, and other modern cultural characteristics, they lived nomadic lives, often without a proper home. Their highs were high and lows were devastating. The shocking is part is how Jeannette describes her parents so lovingly despite going through what most of us would consider traumatic.

My thoughts: It was fascinating to read such a dramatically different childhood story than my own. Or from anyone’s own story. She writes with such an unusual normalization of her experiences, making this a great read for anyone looking for a new perspective on family and normalcy.

Buy: The Glass Castle: A Memoir


What are your favorite books?

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